domenica 30 novembre 2008

Workshop with the headmaster

We had another workshop, this one with the headmaster of the academy... it was interesting, instructive, it was delighting! *_* here's a picture of that special day..

I feel like everyday I'm getting closer to my dream, and I want to reach for it with all my friends!

ps: I've got 2 exams this past monday...done! and with good marks!! I'm so happy!

sabato 1 novembre 2008

Academy : workshop with Cristian Ruiz

Have you ever met somebody that you wuld define " pure talent", a person who seems to have electricity running through his body and at the same time be the most quiet person in the world?
Well, I actually met that somebody : his name is Cristian Ruiz ( , a great italian musical performer who was in town with the national tour of Hairspray, the musical from which inspired the movie with John Travolta.
I saw him ( I mean Cristian) on tv and on youtube, bought his cd but never had to chance to meet him personally...finally the chance came!
Now, this gorgeous performer is so humble, so relaxed and yet he's able to fill you with such an incredible energy and won't let you stop working until he's not satisfied!Second and third year student had two days workshop with him, working on one of his most important show : Rent ( a great musical by Jonathan Larson, inspired by Puccini's La Bohème )
The class was so into it that we've forgot things like hunger, thirst, tireness...all the people involved wanted to do their best and they was a great success and we managed to live an intense experience, to work with a person who lives of his dreams*_* I'm literally in love with his talent, his power, his energy...and if dreams really comes true, one of my newest dream is to work with him someday, somehow! *_*

here's the picture he kindly took with me outside the theater after the show

Thank you so much!!!!